Steps to Dominating the Court – Pro Basketball Tips

To dominate the court, first you have to develop the skills to be an excellent player during the game. One factor that has historically separated the best ballers has been that they show up first and leave the practice court last, consistently, every day.

 Getting the Fundamentals of the Game Right

Dominating involves excellent teamwork, solid balance, demanding footwork, and the strength to get through the game working at the same speed that you took the first enthusiastic step on the court. Leaving everything out there in a game requires doing so when practicing too.

When the fundamentals aren’t in place through diligent practice, then no ability to control the court will happen because other players will dribble, throw and shoot all around you, and run circles around you in the process. No one dominates that way.

Know Where Your True Skill Lies

Have a discussion with your basketball coach to get a solid idea about where they see you playing best or follow famous basketball pro tips on . That’s not where they have an opening, but what your key skills are on the court and what position they’re best deployed in.

That doesn’t always have to be the guy that shoots for the basket; sometimes the best offense is a rock-solid defense. Or, in the middle of the court passing the ball and moving the team towards the opponent’s hoop.

Focus on Improving Your Core Skills

Strengthening your game means isolating what it is you do best, naturally. Then doing more of that by using deliberate practice to accelerate your improvement in these areas. The skills should make up perfectly with your best position, either so you can play better each game or to develop sufficiently to convince your coach t move you to that position to try you out once they’re impressed by your dedication and wish to see if it will translate on the court.

If you’re likely to become a great defensive player preventing the opposition from getting to a point scoring position, then work on those skills. For instance, that will likely mean improving your footwork by building up your leg strength with different weighted exercises along with good cardio work to build leg endurance too. Wind sprints are excellent to develop fast movement that’s needed for quick reaction time on the basketball game.

For any player, look into ways to make your balance unrivaled. It doesn’t matter what position you get yourself into, you can recover, grab the ball by being deft with your feet and better at staying balanced in virtually any position. That way, you can surprise your opponent when you to get to a spot on the court that they least expect and block their shot.

Study Video

Study the best defensive ballers of all time. Look at everything they do. See how they read the court and see the plays before they happen. Watch how they move into a defensive position based on their reading of the play to be where they need to be before other ballers have anticipated their movement.