Q. So, what the heck is this site all about?

A. It’s simple. We provide access to our unique, custom searches of the eBay database of auctions. This database of auctions is updated in real-time, second-to-second. We do query other, smaller auctions as well, but those results are typically used to verify and tweak our main searches. 99% of what you see will be eBay auction results. As you land on a page or use the search box at left, a script runs instantly and brings back the best results.
Q. What do I need to do?

A. Just find what you are looking for! But keep in mind, this site is ultimately based on the eBay auction database, so you will need to register with eBay before you can make a bid or purchase. The good news: It’s your typical, free registration process that only takes a second (you can simply do it when you go to bid on or purchase your first item. Forgot your password? It may be easier to quickly create a new profile.)
Q. Why do some of your pages have funky titles?

A. There really is a rhyme to our reason here. The top level pages (that is, the ones you see right now in the left-hand column) are created specifically for you to browse the site. The next level pages (those are the ones you see after you click on a top level page) have a different focus. They are aimed at popular searches. Basically, we look for often-made searches, try to figure out exactly what the searcher is likely looking for, and populate the page with those results. So if you’re just browsing the site, they may look “funky.” But if you just typed in a similar term at a search engine, it will make perfect sense.
Q. Can I contact you with other questions?

A. Sure! Use the contact form below to drop us a line (If you don’t see anything, give it a sec. This form may take several seconds to show up on the page.